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A rich biodiversity marks the Equator-straddling Galapagos Islands. The volcanic soils and the cooler climate created by cold, wet ocean winds also contribute to ideal coffee-growing conditions. In EXCLUSIVE EDITION GALAPAGOS, you'll catch sweet cereal and biscuit notes coursing through its full bodies espresso. A hint of cocoa bitter note marks this coffee's roasted character

Cup Size
Aromatic Profile
Sweet Biscuit
We normally believe it takes high altitude to create a fine Arabic coffee. The Galapagos Islands buck this assumption. 1000 miles from the Ecuadorian coast out in the Pacific Ocean, these Islands are a protected nature reserve that benefit from two distinct cooling water currents. Where normally we'd have a hothouse climate, the coolness of the Galapagos allows cofee to grow at an astonishingly low altitude (650 feet above sea level at its highest), but with the fine notes of a high-grown. The protected nature park status also gives greater biodiversity to pollinate trees-bees and birds-and rich soils for them to grow in. Even the giant tortoises contribute to this nature wonder, pruning the weeds and "fertilizing" the coffee as they shuffle their way slowly through the plantations. Finally, as a volcanic island, the terrain is nitrogen-rich, feeding trees from the soil itself. The wonder of nature produces one of the rarest Arabicas in the world.
We roast the single origin coffee in two splits. Both splits are kept to a medium dark degree, neither too long or too short to achieve a balanced result, or "sweet spot". The second split is slightly shorter to preserve the coffee's finesse
Aromatic Profile
Our experts bring you an espresso with roasted, and sweet cereal and biscuit notes. Round, with some cacao-like bitterness and full body